Mega rehabilitation package for Puri makeover


Resolute in its mission to give Puri a makeover and clear the 75-metre zone in Sri Jagannath Temple’s vicinity, the Odisha Government on Monday announced a massive special package for rehabilitation and resettlement of individuals and institutions which would be affected by the drive.

The comprehensive package focuses on almost all stakeholders as it includes immediate as well as resettlement assistance in multiple layers that would benefit not only residents but also shopping establishments, lodges and vendors. The package could run into several hundred crore rupees and is billed as one of the biggest of its kind.

More importantly, it takes into account role of mutts and has put in place a primary framework to preserve “gaadis” and deities apart from creating a redevelopment plan for these heritage structures which have centuries of religious connection with the shrine and social bonding with Puri.The financial assistance would be over and above what is laid out in the Right To Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. If affected parties still do not agree with the provisions of the scheme, they can approach Puri Collector for reconsideration and revaluation.

People and institutions who voluntarily hand over their property in the security zone within 30 days will be entitled to 10 per cent additional financial assistance besides the package, the announcement by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s office said. The project has been christened “Development of Security Zone around Sri Jagannath Temple at Puri.”For residential units, according to the special package, a relocation allowance of Rs 50,000 per family towards expenses of transportation and other immediate arrangements will be given apart from a Rs 10,000 per month assistance from the date of acquisition of the property till handing over of a residential unit/resettlement plot to the displaced family.

This, however, will not be applicable to families which opts for one-time house building assistance. A family can opt for one-time assistance of Rs 30 lakh. An affected family has also the option to go for allotment of one residential unit having a size of 520 square feet built-up area in the R&R colony within 1.5 km of the temple complex. Similarly, a family can opt for allotment of a resettlement plot of 40×25 ft within two km of the temple. For shop owners, a relocation allowance of Rs 50,000 per unit for transportation and other heads have been announced.

Mega rehab package for Puri makeover

Shops with less than 200 sq ft size, those between 200 and 500 sq ft and rest above 500 sq ft built-up area will be provided rental assistance of Rs 5000, Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per month respectively from the date of acquisition of property till handing over of the shopping units.Puri Collector will coordinate with agencies for identification and allotment of vacant shops available or being developed in various market complexes. However, this option will be workable subject to availability.

Similarly, lodges having plot area of more and less than 3,000 sq ft will be paid relocation allowance of Rs 10 lakh and Rs 5 lakh respectively for transportation and other immediate arrangements. Every lodge will be paid income support assistance of Rs 25 per sq ft built up area per month from the date of acquisition of property for 18 months. However, a lodge owner can opt for one time assistance of Rs 2,000 per sq ft built up area.

A lodge owner can opt for allotment of one resettlement plot towards development of lodging as decided by the Collector within 300 metre on either side of Grand Road. Three standard size plots having built up area of 1,500-3,000 sq ft, 3,000-4,000 sq ft and more than 4,000 sq ft will be provided to affected lodge owners on bench mark valuation and terms and conditions decided by the Collector. A lodge owner/unit will be provided with a construction assistance of Rs 750 per sq ft of property acquired.
Besides, affected street vendors will be provided one time assistance of Rs 30,000. The Collector will supervise and ensure preparation of street vending plan as per relevant Act and rules and allocate spaces for activities.

Mutts get special space
Keeping in mind heritage value the ancient mutts enjoy, the Government has placed a separate plan for the structures which fall within the security zone of the Jagannath Temple. The special package includes land to these religious institutions apart from preservation and conservation activities. The package announced by the Chief Minister authorises Puri Collector to decide rehabilitation and resettlement scheme for the mutts in consultation with stakeholders. The deities and gaadi in the affected mutts will be conserved. The re-development plan of each mutt will indicate the usage of various components/parts/rooms and put to use accordingly. It will also focus on heritage architecture, complementary filiation between Jagannath Temple and concerned mutt besides creating adequate parking for use. However, shopping units, to be constructed as per the rehabilitation and resettlement scheme approved by the Collector, will be provided only at common market complexes.


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